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The artists' collaboration NECLECTIC was founded upon the idea of forming an art brand beyond gender and the individual. However, becoming the omnipresent main protagonists in their work the two artists play with the issues of representation and role-playing. Characterizing their wide range of interests and influences as well as their appropriative art practice, the word 'neclectic' is a play on the contraction of the two words 'eclectic' and 'neglected'.

NECLECTIC's work is multimedia-based as well as processual and mostly appears as continuous projects of different work groups. Within the scope of their commerce-like label the artists use the promotional aesthetics and procedures of global brands in order to raise questions towards the commercial message that manipulates desires for monetary means.

Their work has been presented in solo shows and group exhibitions in Switzerland, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Japan. In 2012 and 2013 they stayed for several months in New York and Tokyo and since autumn 2013 they stay in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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