Japan Precious Collection (No.01-No.06)  
Year 2013
CreationT-shirt collection and presentation-object
 T-shirt (front side): Silkscreen print, silver ink on coloured fabric, textile colour, diverse material
  T-shirt (back side): Textile colour and numbers made of white felt
Presentation object: Plastic board, 5mm, black, adhesive tape, 40mm, black, adhesive tape, 60mm, green
Size T-shirts: Edition of 6 singular copies (size M)
  Presentation object: 120 x 120 x 70cm
ShowedYoukobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
Six specially for the exhibition created T-shirts called the "Japan Precious Collection" were presented on an object which was derived from the shape of the NECLECTIC logo.
Detail view
Detail view
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