T-shirt performance  
Year 2013
CreationAdvertising T-shirts for the visitors of the opening
 T-shirt (front side): Silkscreen print, black ink on white fabric
  T-shirt (back side): Slogan "MAKE IT YOURS.", textile spray green/pink on white fabric
SizeEdition of 30 pieces (Sizes S,M,L)
ShowedYoukobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan

During the exhibition's opening party every visitor got a T-shirt as a free advertising product with NECLECTIC's logo and the slogan "MAKE IT YOURS" on it with the order to wear it during the evening. The Youkobo-team wore colored T-shirts with the same prints on them (Youkobo Edition).

A QR-Code printed on every T-shirt lead to a specifically created website where everybody can download the NECLECTIC-logo to customize their own design products.

By wearing the T-shirts during the opening all visitors became part of NECLECTIC's 'label' as well as participants of NECLECTIC's performance.

Detail view
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