Beverage cans and display box
Year 2014
CreationDesigned beverage cans and display box
 Beverage cans (containing energy drink): 3 different designs (Lotus, Manga, Rainbow), offset print (CMYK and opaque white) on transparent film, on aluminium can 250 ml
 Display box (for 24 cans): Offset print (CMYK) on white cardboard
SizeBeverage cans: Edition of 360 copies (120 copies of each design), height 13.5 cm, diameter 5 cm
  Display box: Edition of 12 copies, height 24 cm, length 33 cm, width 22 cm
Showed Art festival 'This could be Rotterdam or anywhere', Rotterdam, The Netherlands
For the energy drink 'Arty Splash' three different beverage can designs (Lotus, Manga, Rainbow) were created which vary in their colouring. Regardless the different designs the taste for all drinks is alike. In addition a display box was designed to present the drinks at the art festival's events.
detail view
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