Solo show   
Date29 April 2013 - 05 May 2013
LocationYoukobo Art Space, Tokyo, Japan
DirectorsHiroko Murata, Tatsuhiko Murata
CuratorUtako Shindo
Photographer openingKazuhiro Masuda
Assistance T-shirt performanceShizuno Chiharu
Assistance for installation, performances, cateringYoukobo staff

NIKE's advertising slogan "MAKE IT YOURS" comes to name the title of the show as well as NECLECTIC's art practice in which they manipulate images and templates of design products by adding the NECLECTIC logo to turn them into products of their own label.

During the opening party every visitor got a T-shirt as a free advertising product with NECLECTIC's logo and the slogan "MAKE IT YOURS" on it with the order to wear it during the evening. The Youkobo-team wore colored T-shirts with the same prints (Youkobo Edition) and in the exhibition space special designed T-shirts (Japan Precious Collection) were showcased.

Like mannequins on a pedestal NECLECTIC presented themselves in the second exhibition space during the opening. The NECLECTIC logo was added on the brandnamed clothes and accessories worn by themselves. Similar to a photo session a hired photographer made pictures of the artists during the evening.

Installation view
Showed works

MAKE IT YOURS: Neclectic's performance

MAKE IT YOURS: T-shirt performance

MAKE IT YOURS: Japan Precious Collection (No.01-No.06)

MAKE IT YOURS: Sound piece composed by aM™

MAKE IT YOURS: Advertising banners

Related works

MAKE IT YOURS: Neclectic design


MAKE IT YOURS: Invitation card

MAKE IT YOURS: Exhibition poster

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