Group show   
Date(Art weekend) 30 May 2014 – 01 June 2014
 (Exhibition) 30 May 2014 – 28 June 2014
Location Art festival 'This could be Rotterdam or anywhere', different institutions and events in Charlois, Rotterdam South, The Netherlands
Directors(Art weekend) Mark Heijne, Ties Ten Bosch, Marlies Lageweg; (Exhibition) Jannie Hommes
Curators(Art weekend) Ties Ten Bosch, Jeroen Bosch, Gilbert van Drunen; (Exhibition) Ivo van den Baar
Photographer(Events) Léon Richard
Assistance(Events) Artists and volunteers from Charlois, (Exhibition) Ivo van den Baar

'Arty Splash' is a specially designed energy drink for 'This could be Rotterdam or anywhere', an art festival presenting exhibitions and events in Charlois, Rotterdam South.

For the group exhibition 'Playground' 36 energy drinks (12 cans of each design) stood on a cube mounted on the wall. In addition a black strip-shaped poster with the slogan 'Double your energy, triple your creativity! For Free!' was mounted on the wall.

The cube showed a black QR-Code on its white surfaces. The same code was also printed on each beverage can and specially designed display boxes. By scanning the code with a mobile phone people could reach a website to get supplementary information and to watch digital animations showing the different designs (see below for further details).

The energy drinks were offered at different locations and events of the festival and the visitors were invited to take one or several drinks for free. Once the 36 drinks in the exhibition space were gone they were not replaced. After that the cube and the slogan on the wall were left without any drinks.

Installation view
Showed works

ARTY SPLASH: Beverage cans and display box

Related works

ARTY SPLASH: Website and digital animations

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