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DateSince January 2012

ALTER CONSTRAINT is a fictive organisation with a global network and a web based community. The center piece of the organisation is 'The Formation'. It's a virtual structure on the web with various departments and its own administrative machinery.

'AC Members' have access to the virtual world of 'The Formation' with many spaces and entertaining areas to explore. However, ALTER CONSTRAINT is more than a mind candy. There are sectarian tendencies behind the proper surface and you never know who or what exactly is pulling the strings in the background.

The virtual structure appears like a company's website which tries to attract attention with video clips, visual gags, merchandising products, sweepstakes and more. By adopting structures and functions out of interactive websites and games the visitor become a traveller, searching his own path through 'The Formation' and creating his own story about ALTER CONSTRAINT.

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ALTER CONSTRAINT: Spatial design

ALTER CONSTRAINT: Organisation and history

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